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Adult Month - $65.00
Student Month - $55.00*
* must have valid I.D. present
10 Visit Punch Card - $120.00
PIF 3 Month - $165.00
PIF 6 Month - $270.00
EFT Month-to-Month Per Month
w/$20 application fee - $50

Day Passes
Day Climb Pass - $15.00*
* gear extra
Day Kid's Pass - $10.00**
** 11 and under
Belay Check - $5.00***
*** Must be 12 or older

Gear Rentals
Harness - $5.00*
Shoes - $5.00*
Harness & Shoes - $8.00
Chalk Bag - $1.00
* per visit, indoor use only
Shoes - $10.00 w/deposit**
** one day, outdoor use

Shower - $4.00*
* no towel provided


At Red Rock Climbing Center everyone's safety is a key priority. To ensure everyone's safety we have gym guidelines, criteria for all types of belaying and require that anyone climbing must have a signed waiver.

Rock climbing does involve some risk. Participants are informed of such risks involved in rock climbing. Each participant must accept the personal responsibility of his or her safety.

Minimum Requirements for Top-Rope Climbing
All climbers must pass a belay check or take the belay safety class to become certified to top-rope belay in our facility.
•All participants must use a Gri-Gri belay device and UIAA approved harness.
•Belayers must remain attentive and stand while belaying.
•Harnesses must be tied in securely and double backed.
•Figure 8 follow through knot must be tied through the waist belt and leg loops.
•Minimum of 6-inch tall on figure 8 follow through knot with additional safety knot optional.
•Belay device must be set properly and belay carabineer must be locked.
•Switching between belaying and lowering without compromising brake hand.
•When lowering, brake hand must not go above 3 o'clock position.

Minimum Requirements for Lead Belaying
All lead climbers and belayers must be checked by gym staff.
•All regular belay rules above must be followed (e.g. harness double back, belay hand always on rope, etc.).
•Belayers must remain attentive to lead climbers at all times and stand while belaying.
•Belayers must keep minimum slack at all times - rope must not touch the ground.
•Belayer must belay immediately underneath the first clip until climber has clipped at least the 4th draw.

By the way, we also provide the ropes and belay devices! High-quality harnesses and climbing shoes are available for rental and serve to maximize the beginner's early explorations in the vertical world.

Safety Download Waiver
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